The Philippines

So…You know how you’re always in love with places you’ve never been and don’t think you’ll ever get to? The Philippines was one of those dreamlands for me… And now, here I am, freshly returned from the most mesmerizing place I have ever experienced. Check out the video as well!


Packed with all the excitement in the world, my bestie and I boarded the flight to Manila where we spent one night at one of the nicest hostels: Zen Hostel Haven Backpackers. Totally recommend it, especially if travelling alone!! While many people can’t see past the business of the city, we’ve discovered some parts of Manila that were extremely beautiful, Puerta Real Gardens and the whole Intramuros area.


While Manila is a good stop, our real adventure started when we landed in the beautiful Coron Island. As the Coron town is a boat ride away from the island, we booked the Ultimate Tour and island hopped a whole day. The first sights took my breath away, as I have never seen such dazzling views before. We’ve seen Kayangan Lake, The Twin Lagoons, Siete Pecados, Malwawey Reef & Coral Garden and much more! And of course, the lunch was the yummiest ever.


Next island stop…El Nido, Palawan. As we thought Coron was Paradise, we had no words to describe the beautiful preserved islands, clear water lagoons and white sand beaches that we’ve discovered around El Nido. We’ve done two island hopping tours in El Nido, and the best spots were Small Lagoon, 7 Commando Beach and Matinloc Shrine. Along with the views, we tried some of the best drinks I’ve ever had, Buko Rhum (basically rum in coconut) and Mango Mojito…Safe to say we now understand why everyone was talking about the Philippine rum…


Our last destination was Nacpan Beach where we enjoyed more pristine beaches and crystal clear water and the most important thing…we saw one of the most divine sunset.


Even though we have experienced only a tiny bit of The Philippines, this escapade was by far one of the best trips. Here are some of the best moments!



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