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The French braid

My talented friend, Tonia, always takes the time to upgrade my look. So we decided to share with you how to make a French braid bun.

I. Make a French braid

II. Roll the braid up like a cinnamon bun

III. Secure it with pins and fluff it up

And here are three tips she was lovely enough to share:

I. Begin from the crown of your head rather than from your forehead.

When we were talking about the hairstyle, Tonia recommended that we start the braid at the crown of my head rather than from my hairline since I was looking for a more elegant look. My hair has some layers and this meant a sleeker look from all angles.

II. Flatten and pull back strongly your hair for a sleek finish.

In order to get the put together look, Tonia had to ensure all the strands of hair were aligned towards the braid and I did not have flyaways so she brushed the strands in with her fingers and pulled hard enough to obtain a tight braid.

III. Plump it up or keep it small.

I wanted to keep it small and elegant especially since it was a rather windy day so Tonia rolled the braid into a small and sturdy bun which she pinned in place. To cover some bobby pins, she fluffed up the edges of the braid over them. You can take this further to have the bun size to your taste.

Luckily enough, she did most of the job. Check out the video!

And some bloopers, we had a blast filming it!

With love,