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Hot Chocolate – one spoon away 

Instant hot chocolate and coffee are ruling my life these days, so I decided to step things up and go for home-made hot chocolate. The Hot Chocolate Spoons are easy and fun!

All you need:

Milk Chocolate , White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate

Instant Coffee



So here we go!

Step one:

Melt all three types of chocolate for a few seconds in the microwave. Stop and stir in 30-second intervals until melted and smooth.


Step two:

Black Hot Chocolate

Fill the spoon with the melted milk chocolate and place it on the plate to set and dry.

White Hot Chocolate

Fill the spoon with the yummy melted white chocolate and let it set on the plate.

Mocha Hot Chocolate

This is the trickiest! Mix half of the melted milk chocolate with instant coffee until almost solid. Fill the spoon with the mix and level off. Let it set in the fridge for a few minutes until set.

Submerge the filled spoon into the remaining melted chocolate and place it on the plate next to the others.


Step three:


Place the melted dark chocolate and the white one into two separate sandwich bags and make a hole in one corner. Now drizzle the spoons in any manner you want! You can play with the chocolates any way you want. I have used dark chocolate on the Mocha Hot Chocolate spoon and white chocolate on the others!

Step four:

Stir in hot milk and enjoy!


Hope you try them, they are absolutely delicious.

With love,