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#MarchAgainstRacism in London

Today, 18th March, thousands of people united in the fight against racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and in support of refugee and migrant rights. The critical moment to take a stand against all the injustice has come. It started at noon in Portland Place and peacefully marched to Parliament Square.


In face of injustice, there are no age gaps and no division between classes. Toddlers, youngsters, adults, they were all present today, showing support against the growing racism.

The march was organised by the UK campaign group Stand Up to Racism, was supported by TUC, Unison, UNITE, NUT and many more and is part of a series of demonstrations taking place across Europe.

Just like in every year since 2012, speakers took the stage today and inspired the public. Speakers included: Shami Chakrabarti – Shadow Attorney General, David Lammy MP, Catherine West MP, Clare Moseley, Maz Saleem and many others.

Some of the messages on the banners were: Refugees & Migrants Welcome No to the Muslim Ban No to Racism, Islamophobia and anti-Semitism Stand up to Trump Black Lives Matter Defend Free Movement •





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